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Digital marketing internship agency for TALENTS, from disadvantaged backgrounds. is offering the opportunity to JUMP-START a successful career in the digital marketing industry. A career that assures social mobility.


Digital marketing course


Career workshops


1:1 Counseling





What We Do

Next program starts Nov 2019

Business Team


6 months internship in digital agencies and departments. Full-time internship with salary, and potential long-term position.


6 months internship in digital marketing agencies and departments.
full-time internship with a salary, and an opportunity for a future position.

1:1 Career counseling

one-on-one career counseling, defining your goals and creating a personal achievement plan to maximize your success.

Team Meeting

Digital marketing courses

PPC Manager Course:
1. Digital marketing strategy

2. Facebook Ads

3. Google Adwords

4. Google Analytics

++ Workshops: Landing pages, Copy, eCommerce, Costumer management & more


3 months twice a week

Career Workshops


Preparation for Inverveiws


First impression

& more

Jump-Start Your Career

The Opportunity

Academic education is becoming nowadays less relevant for employers and recruiters. Companies such as Google & IBM had opened their doors for candidates to apply without an academic degree. There is an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to enter the media & hi-tech industry and Jump-start a better career and a better life.

We want to seize this opportunity.

The Problem

400,000 young adults, ages 20-35, at risk in Israel. Unemployment is 4 times higher, and only 20% with an academic degree. Only 2% of hi-tech positions are open for professional course graduates. 

The Solution

Interns gain valued skills and knowledge, actual work experience and a possible link to their next employing company. Digital marketing agencies get the opportunity to do some good and also the first pick of great junior role candidates.


Get Ready to Grow

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming Interns

We hand pick our interns. intern profile is based on a professional assessment approved by leading digital marketing agencies. The assessment is based on Psycho-technical exam, PPC task (excel in English), marketing strategy task, Interview, CV & recommendations. 

Who is Intern? Talented young adults (ages 22-35) from disadvantaged backgrounds. Eager and passionate about digital marketing and willing to do hard work in order to achieve their desired career.  


Mia Shoham

Founder & CEO

Mia is a Potential Architect - An architect of people, products and organizations.
Mia creates an infrastructure that will encourage your potential to show and grow. She's passionate about understanding your unique qualities and needs and will create the perfect environment for you to blossom.
 A social entrepreneur, career counselor & group counselor.
BA Psychology & Sociology, Group counselor certificate & MBA social business.

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